DeRuyter Lake Association Lake Bottom Cleanup



DeRuyter Lake Association Lake Bottom Cleanup 11-2-19 and 11-10-19

With the Lake down 10 feet for the dam repair project, President Kathy Sherlock set up an ad-hoc project to try and clean-up the bottom that hasn’t been exposed for decades. There was debris from broken glass, rusted raft barrels, old tires to railroad ties with everything in between.

So on Saturday, November 2, 2019, volunteers donated their time, equipment and backs to pick up the debris. Some was brought up to the road by homeowners and most was picked up by the crews walking around the shoreline.

On Sunday November 3rd and Saturday November 9th students from Deruyter High School combed the Lake for debris delivering two dumpster loads to the town "coffers".

One of Glisson's sons, Frankie Glisson coordinated the effort and recruited his basketball teammates as well as their Coach Ric Barnes and his girlfriend Lisa Beh.   Among the guys were: Sophomore Gavin Richardson, Juniors Tristan Worlock, Riley Glisson, Zach Hado, Ben Barnes, and Nick Whitmarsh, along with Seniors Kyle Barnes, John Glisson and of course Frankie who is also a Senior. As you can see in the pictures, Ric and Lisa brought along two "friends" of their own; a payloader and a dump truck, both of which were invaluable to the mission! 

The railroad ties alone were incredibly heavy due to being waterlogged from years/decades submerged. Removal of these heavy items would not have been possible without these strong backs and dedication of the kids to perform a community service. And clearly, Coach Ric and Lisa's providing the heavy payloader and dump truck were invaluable.

Thanks Coach, kids and Frankie Gleason and his leadership for getting involved. You are a credit to the school, your parents, friends and the community.

Thanks to Supervisor Dan Degear and the Town Highway Department for providing the dumpsters at the Highway Department and as always, the DeRuyter Lake Association Volunteers.

Joyce & Bill McMaster w daughters Darlene McEntee, Debbie Colligan, Deb & John Gale, Tom, Mary and Hannah Chartrand, Bob & Peggy Alter, Mark Ondrako, and the Glisson Family that tackled the heavy water soaked railroad ties.

Thanks to all that helped!

Below are pictures of the some of the volunteers and the debris removed on Saturday and the following Sunday. Don't forget to see if you can answer the question at the end


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What can be said?

Thanks guys for your hard work and willingness to volunteer for such a tough job when you could be home in a clean, dry and warm house.

You are a credit to yourselves, your families, your school and the community.

It is clear with your sense of volunteerism you will be a success in what ever you do.

Good luck and Thank You on behalf of the DeRuyter Lake Association.



Look close in the shadow part of the right side of the picture.

Yup, that huge tree that fell in 2017 and was decaying far out into the water causing hazards and limbs floating away causing boating hazards.

The ……..removed the tree