January 13 2020 Progress

Progress Continues Slowly - January 13, 2020

Video generously provided by Don Schmidt


Progress Continues Slowly - January 3, 2020

Video generously provided by Don Schmidt 

11-23-19 Progress

Progress Continues even with onset of winter on November 23, 2019.

Video generously provided by Don Schmidt 

Dam Repairs and Lake Down 10 feet


22 minutes of Dam Construction progress and drawdown November 2, 2019 by Don Schmidt

10 Foot Draw Down


19:15 minutes by Don Schmidt October 5, 2019

 Down about 10 foot

5 Foot Draw Down


12 minutes by Don Schmidt September 21, 2019 DOWN approximately 5 ft . NOTE for those that want to drop lake 5 ft, this shows what it is if allowed.

Winter At DeRuyter

Lake Video ,,,,,,,,  

5 minute drone video taken on February 24, 2014 set  to John Denver hit. It's note worthy that this video shows, characteristically that the West Side is sunny compared to the East Side proving that this phenomena does not occur only in the summer. By Don Schmidt.

Flying High Tubing

 2014 video - Flying DeRuyter Lake Style 2014 – Great video and pictures of the Eagle flying, kids having fun tubing, etc.  - Submitted by Kimberly Kennedy. 

2014 Labor Day Fireworks

 recorded by “Grinz” – 26 minutes. Be sure to catch the 2 minute finale at the 24:40 mark.