Reservoir Water Level


Here is the link to Canal Corporation’s website they provided during their initial public information sessions held for residents prior to the start of the project which shows the Reservoir water level. As will be seen, the State Engineers and Contractors are making great progress with fantastic work.

The Most Recent water level recorded appears just below the title at the top. The figure can fluctuate for many reasons such as electronic drift, satellite missing the signal, etc. As with any electronic device, it will occasionally malfunction. The date will be wrong or the reading is all over the place indicating it needs manual calibration or repair. Ignore the time of day stamp as it is not set to Eastern Standard Time. 

Below is an example of what you'll see. This taken on 1/23/20 at approximately 7:30 PM and indicates we are down 7.75 (that's 7 feet and 9 inches) below crest which is 1279.8.



The readings are continuously tabulated and overlaid on the design graph. These are shown as the blue line that starts from the left side. The green dotted line on the left was what the State projected the time required for the level to drop to the 10 ft below crest and was scheduled to be reached by November 1st and continues for 5 months until April 1, 2020 when the Reservoir could begin to refill. What actually occurred, looking at the blue line, we met the 10 foot drop on the first week of October almost a month ahead due to cooperative weather (dry Sept) and the Association agreeing to having it already down a foot on September 1st.

Fortunately so far, the Contractor and State Engineers were able to complete the scheduled work milestones that required the drop for safety and were able to start allowing the level to begin the slow process of recovery on approximately January 1, 2020. The level will be maintained at the 3-5 foot below crest level identified by the two dotted lines noted as “Typical Winter Levels” until spring so any remaining buttress work and overflow spillway work can be completed if needed. This too can change depending on weather, temperature, etc. 

The right side of the graph shows the projected refill date(s) with and without diversion and appears as a green triangle. The projected earliest time to reach crest was June 1st. As of today, 1-23-20 we are ahead of projection. Bear in mind, anything in this type construction project can pop up and affect the refilling including weather and precipitation. Just remember, the green plots are projections, blue is actual. As long as the blue line remains to the left of the green triangle on the right, we are ahead of schedule as far as refilling. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the excellent work by the Contractors and State Engineers continues until the project is successfully completed sometime by summer or fall this year.